Rollforming Products

Steelmakers’ rollformed products are customised to your exact specifications,
and include:

  • Valley board supports
  • 40mm Top Hat (Roof Batten)
  • 25mm ceiling batten
  • 30x30 PGI angle
  • Tilt door supports
  • Structural steel & Purlins

Contact Steelmakers for a complete product list.

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Made from TRUECORE® steel

Straight and true
No warping or twisting over time
Won’t catch fire
May help you achieve the standards required for building in even the most severely rated flame zone
TRUECORE® steel warranty
Warranty up to 50 years for eligible applicants.
Termite proof
Insecticide-free and with Activate® technology for enhanced corrosion resistance

Steelmakers’ Exacting Standards

Steelmakers’ in-house rollforming machinery and expertise provide our clients with a range of benefits, including:

Complete production control
Every piece of building material is made to our exacting standards.
Expert assembly
Steelmakers stand by their exactly standards of quality.
Quality of materials
No sub-standard parts are ever used.
Control over the entire production journey
Means more accurate quoting and more accurate delivery agreements.
With one specialist team in control, clients save both time and money.
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