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The Optimal Wall Solution

Exclusive to Steelmakers

The OptiwallTM solution provides the building construction industry with the latest in engineered wall systems. As part of the Steelmakers’ ‘Opti’ range, which also includes the OptifloorTM and OptitrussTM , the OptiwallTM solution is quick and efficient to install and minimises onsite labour costs.

OptiwallTM Features

  • Cyclone and fire resistant – BAL Compliant
  • Prefabricated off site so removes installation complexities
  • Installation time minimised
  • Easily accommodates services (cabling, pipes, etc)
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Made from TRUECORE® steel

Straight and true
No warping or twisting over time
Won’t catch fire
May help you achieve the standards required for building in even the most severely rated flame zone
TRUECORE® steel warranty
Warranty up to 50 years for eligible applicants.
Termite proof
Insecticide-free and with Activate® technology for enhanced corrosion resistance

An optimal end-to-end steel wall framing solution

The Steelmakers’ end-to-end solution for the OptiwallTM commences with precision engineered designs, off-site fabrication using the ENDUROFRAME© rollformer and then efficient installation.

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Engineered Design

Using the latest in CAD technology, our engineered OptiwallTM designs offer excellent versatility, allowing clients to specify greater open spans for more wall detailing options specific to a build.  All our designs are endorsed by structural engineers prior to fabrication.

Cutting-edge Fabrication

Steelmakers use the ENDUROFRAME© Rollformer exclusively for all OptiwallTM fabrication.  This cutting-edge technology fabricates the ‘C’ and ‘U’ components of the  all system with absolute precision.  The OptiwallTM frames are assembled off site at Steelmakers using the pre-engineered screw and fixing holes for exacting results.

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Efficient Installation

The lightweight OptiwallTM can be handled on site with ease using minimal personnel and resources.  Installation is fast and efficient on site and, and is ready for roof cover.

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